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Georges St. Pierre Vacates Title, Announces Extended Break (VIDEO)

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December 14, 2013


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Georges St. Pierre Vacates Title, Announces Extended Break (VIDEO)

Georges St. Pierre is leaving the UFC – for now.

The best welterweight in the history of mixed martial arts has vacated his title, and he’s taking an extended break. Will St. Pierre return to the Octagon at a future date? No one knows, not even GSP himself.

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“I’ve been fighting for a long time,” St-Pierre said. “22 fights in the UFC. 15 of my fights were for a world title. I’ve been a very long time for a high level. It’s a lot of pressure, a lot of criticism, and I’ve decided I need to take time off. I know UFC is a business, and it can’t wait for one person. They have to keep things rolling, so I’ve vacated my title for the respect of the other competitors.”

“I believe one day that I will come back,” St-Pierre said. “The problem is I don’t know how long. I cannot put myself in another training camp right now. I feel like mentally I need a break. That’s why, I don’t want to make anybody wait. I just want to do it when I feel like it, and I’ll become stronger when I will. It’s going to be up to me; it has to be on my terms.

“If I give you a date, I immediately put myself back into a date, into pressure, (and) I’m going to start thinking about it. It has to be on my terms. I don’t know when, I don’t know if. I don’t know, I think I will. I can’t say 100-percent. But right now I don’t want the people thinking about me.””To tell you the truth, I love my sport,” St-Pierre said on Friday. “I’ve never been a victim. I’ve never been a victim of anything. I choose this life. I choose to do this. Nobody ever forced me. But the problem is, as much as I choose to do it, now I choose to not do it. It’s my right. I’m allowed to if I choose to not do it, because I feel mentally, it’s a lot of pressure. Nobody can understand the situation that I am in. It’s all this pressure, all this weight I carry on my shoulders has been building up over a long time.

“People are like, ‘Aw, you only fight maybe ever four months.’ But what they don’t understand is there’s so much promotion going with it. It’s the press tour, the Primetime, the cameras, the this, the trash talking, the build-up. Everywhere I go; in restaurants, as soon as I step out of my house now in Quebec because the sport now is popular, everybody says, ‘Hey, good luck with fight. Hey, the fight this. Hey, the fight that. Hey, what are you going to do to that guy?’ They talk about me, about this, all the time, and it’s completely insane. It’s everybody day of my life. So nobody can understand this pressure.”

When you break down the numbers, it’s easy to see what GSP needs a break…

He’s spent 190 minutes fighting inside the cage since 2009, and the only “break” GSP has had since 2002 was when he blew out his knee in 2011 – not exactly a break.Georges St. Pierre

I think a lot of fans are ignorant to the responsibilities of being a champion. Can you imagine how many interviews, press conferences, and promotional tours GSP has participated in since 2002? It must’ve been extremely draining. As a point of reference, think back to 2009-11. Everywhere GSP went, people asked the same question…

When will you move to middleweight and fight Anderson Silva?”

It would’ve been exhausting to answer the same question over, and over, and over again. I would’ve snapped after a few months, but GSP continued to answer the question with class for years on end. Now, over the past 2 years, GSP has been peppered with a new narrative…

“GSP, will you ever fight your teammate Rory MacDonald?”

Once again, “Rush” has continued to answer the question with class. After being asked for the fourth or fifth time, I’m pretty sure I would’ve responded like this…

“Oh for f*ck sake… NO! Have you not listened to any of my other 4000 interviews? Have you been living under a rock? NO! I have interest in fighting my teammate Rory MacDonald – and I have even less interest in answering this question. The next person to ask this question is getting slapped in a rear naked choke. Stop asking this god damn question, the answer won’t change!”

Or something to that effect. Conversely, GSP has always maintained his composure and demonstrated an INSANE amount of patience with media and fans alike.

So, here are the facts…

GSP has all the money he could ever need, he’s beaten every fighter placed in front of him, and he has nothing left to prove. I don’t blame him for wanting to chill out and enjoy the fruits of his labour.



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