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Georges St. Pierre Is Deathly Afraid Of Aliens

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February 19, 2014


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Georges St. Pierre Is Deathly Afraid Of Aliens

Georges St. Pierre isn’t afraid of any man – but he is deathly afraid of aliens.

That’s right, GSP may be one of the most dangerous combat artists in the world, but UFO’s keep him up at night. On a related note, I am now deathly afraid of aliens…and you should be too.

Think about it…

Georges St. Pierre held the UFC welterweight championship for the better part of seven years before vacating his title in 2013. GSP disposed of 25 world class fighters in his career, he fought in 17 different title fights, and he won 12 straight fights before calling it quits.

If anyone could beat up an alien, it’s Georges St. Pierre. So, why is Georges St. Pierre afraid of aliens? Apparently GSP has experienced time lapses in his life, and he thinks he may have been abducted.

GSP Talks Aliens And Being Abducted On Joe Rogan Podcast:

Georges St. Pierre was on the Joe Rogan “Experience” podcast, and Rogan got GSP to open up about aliens. Here’s a portion of the transcript courtesy of Reddit

Joe: Have you had an experience with aliens?

GSP: No, no, no…

Joe: I don’t believe you!

GSP: I don’t know.

Joe: You don’t know? You *might have had an experience with aliens?*

GSP: (Laughing) My manager is going to have a heart attack…

Joe: I would never lead you down a path that is bad for your career.

(Joe rags on him, says he needs to talk about it if he had sex with an alien)
Joe: (More serious) Something happened George.

GSP: I don’t know. It is either I am crazy, or it really happened. I hope that I am crazy.

Georges St. Pierre is afraid of aliens

GSP may or may not have been abducted by aliens

Joe: I don’t think you are crazy.

GSP: I hope I am crazy. I know some people, some great mind, they have been hallucinating stuff, some people are [manic] depressive, some people are OCD, some people are this, some people are that…and they are still great. They have been able to acheive great stuff in their life. So maybe I am crazy, who knows, I don’t know. I hope I am crazy.
(Joe attempts to talk about a chemical released in the brain at night, but GSP starts to open up about what it could be).

GSP: I am going to tell you something. Sometimes I am staring at the clock and I wake up and I look at the clock right after and its like the clock advances 4 hours or 2 hours there is a time zone where I don’t know what happened.

Joe: Its called falling asleep.

GSP: I hope so.

Joe: Do you think you are getting snatched up and taken away for a few hours?

GSP: No, no. I don’t think…maybe I’ve fallen asleep…thats what I hope.
(GSP talks about a similar thing happening while driving)

Joe: Thats very minor stuff. It could be you are tired, you push yourself, it could be stress.

GSP: That is exactly what I hope.

Joe: But you don’t have any memory of grey dudes putting fingers up your butt?

GSP: No. None of that.

(Joe goes back to talking about DMT, the chemical he tried to bring up earlier)

Georges St. Pierre thinks he may have been abducted by aliens

Georges St. Pierre has experienced time lapses

Joe: When people are having these experiences, and they are very realistic and do believe they are being taken abord by a UFO somewhere, they might not be wrong…

GSP: But this is not a UFO encounter. The UFO is a an unidentified flying object, the encounter you talk about if they have been taken abord, this is different, like it could be a third type encounter, anyways, but this is different. You talk about me, but I don’t have any memory of such things. Sometimes I fall asleep, then I wake up and the time has passed.

Joe: But that is just because you are tired. Thats not aliens. Are you worried, like maybe it’s aliens?

GSP: No, no…I feel like I didn’t fall asleep, and I am not tired and I am wide wide awake, but I fall asleep like this, it is kind of wierd.

Joe: Are these on hard sparring days?

GSP: No, it could happen every day.

Joe: How long has this been going on?

GSP: Since I was a kid.
(Joe jokes about GSP maybe being made by aliens)
(GSP jokes that maybe Jon Jonesm Anderson Silva, and Jose Aldo were)

GSP: I promise one day I will talk about it, but it is not what people think.

GSP: I am doing research, I am researching on myself.
(Joe talks about the earlier chemical again and talks about sleep with GSP)

Joe: They might be stealing time, “this mother fuckers got too much time”

GSP: The truth is, I feel like I have had an experience, but I don’t know what it is. So for me to say it is alien, or the drug chemical you talk about…I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. I felt like it could have been an experience…or not. Maybe I am crazy or maybe it is a normal thing that everybody…I don’t know it is too…I am making my own research to it to find out about that.

Check out the interview at the 9:38 mark below…

Kenny Florian Says Georges St. Pierre Is Afraid Of Aliens:

Former UFC fighter Kenny Florian spent some training with GSP during his career, and he knows all about GSP’s fear…

Let’s face it, if aliens were abducting humans to perform studies, GSP would be a damn good choice. He’s intelligent, he’s a physical specimen, and he’s a phenomenal fighter.

That’s right, I’m debating the merits of abducting GSP. He started it.



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