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Former Orioles Skipper Earl Weaver Was A Beauty

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January 21, 2013


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Former Orioles Skipper Earl Weaver Was A Beauty

Former MLB manager Earl Weaver died on Saturday at the age of 82. Ironically, Weaver died while on a baseball themed cruise.

During his 17 years in Baltimore, Weaver led the Orioles to four American League pennants, and the 1970 World Series. However, Weaver was arguably more famous for his temper. Weaver was thrown out of 91 games as a manager, and that’s an MLB record. You know how old school baseball managers have a reputation for being ranting, raving, chain-smoking dirtbags? That was Earl Weaver.

Weaver was managing well before my time, but as a fan of baseball I’ve always found him completely hilarious. Weaver was a total snap-show, he loved to argue, and he loved to swear.

Check out this video of Earl Weaver taking questions from fans. If you fast forward to the one minute mark, you will hear the funniest answers you’ve ever heard…Lots of swearing though, just a heads up…

My cousin and I used to listen to this clip and laugh our asses off, and we’d also debate whether or not it was real. I’m pretty sure it’s fake, but it’s truly how Weaver spoke. Check out this hilarious video of Weaver getting tossed from a game while managing the Orioles. You can understand why some people think the video above is legit…

Earl Weaver changed the way baseball managers could look, act, and react. In fact, I would argue that Weaver’s style changed the game. He opened the door for the likes of Ozzie Guillen and Lou Piniella. But here’s the thing with being argumentative and combative, you can only get away with that type of behavior when you win. Luckily for Weaver, he won 1,480 games in his career, and that puts him ninth on the all-time wins list.

Weaver’s influence even extended to Hollywood. Remember Tom Hanks in “A League Of Their Own?” In case you haven’t, here’s what is quite possibly Hanks’ most famous scene, and it has Earl Weaver written all over it…



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