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Drake Denied Access To Miami Heat Championship Celebration (VIDEO)

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June 22, 2013


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Drake Denied Access To Miami Heat Championship Celebration (VIDEO)

Drake was denied access to the Miami Heat locker room after they won the 2013 NBA Finals. That’s right, he was given the Lil’ Wayne treatment. Apparently NBA teams have something against Young Money.

Anyways, the Canadian rapper tried to creep his way into the Heat locker room, but security informed “Drizzy” that only media were allowed into the room.

There are so many awesome moments in this video, here’s a few of my favorites…

* Drake is legitimately shocked that he isn’t being allowed in the room. It’s as if he thinks he’s being Punked.

* The security guard seems to be the only person that doesn’t know Drake.

* Even the guy filming this video is shocked that he got in ahead of Drake.

* Best moment in this video? The moment that Drake realizes the security guard isn’t kidding.

* It’s always funny to see celebrities treated like common folk, isn’t it?

This video undermines the fact that celebrities have an unbelievable amount of access. Think about it, Brad Pitt could gain access to 90 percent of the buildings in the world. Why? Because he’s Brad Pitt. He’s so good looking that if he walked up to random women and asked for their banking pin numbers, a huge percentage of women would oblige.

To a much lesser extent, the same rule applies to Drake. I guarantee that he hasn’t had to wait in a line for five years. He’s “Drizzy” Drake, all he has to do is show up and people will lay out the red carpet and bow.

Does this make me a little jealous? Indeed it does. I probably spend 10 percent of my year waiting. I wait in traffic, in stores, at work, at gas stations, and at bars. Think of how much time you’d save if you never had to wait. It would be badass. Not having to wait is like a super power.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not jealous of Drake’s life. However, I am legitimately jealous of his ability to go anywhere he wants without waiting.

For one night only, Drake was reminded what it’s like to be a regular dude.



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