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Dirtbag Father Exploits Daughter To Sell Cars (PICS)

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November 30, 2012


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Dirtbag Father Exploits Daughter To Sell Cars (PICS)

Kim Ridley uses his daughter Lexxa to help him sell cars, but not in a meaningful way. She’s not a salesperson per se, but she does dress skanky, at her dads request, to help him push product.

According to Jane Dough, Kim Ridley isn’t bashful about the fact that he uses his daughter to sell cars…

“If I felt bad about it, I wouldn’t do it,” Papa Ridley—who runs Ridley’s Rides in Eugene, Ore.—tells AdFreak, adding that he often uses sexy snaps of his daughter and her pals to move product. “Girls and dogs attract people’s attention,” he says. He’s also used Max, his golden retriever, in ads, including a motorcycle shot with Lexxa driving and the dog in the sidecar.”

Uuhhhh. Did your skin crawl a little bit there? Pretty nasty that he exploits his own daughter for professional gain. Check out the pics, they are somethin’…

As if it’s not bad enough that he makes his daughter dress skanky, he also named her Lexxa. That means he planned to make her dress skanky from the start! Premeditated horrible parenting for personal gain…shameful.



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