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Danny Amendola Spikes Football, Nails Old Man In The Face (VIDEO)

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December 17, 2012


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Danny Amendola Spikes Football, Nails Old Man In The Face (VIDEO)

St. Louis Rams receiver Danny Amendola scored a touchdown on Sunday, and then he spiked the football and it nailed an old man in the face, and broke his glasses…and he didn’t apologize.

No word yet on if Amendola pushed over an old lady on his way home.

I’m sure Amendola was just hacked up and not really paying attention, but seriously? Amendola is at the back of the end zone, the old man is literally 10 feet away from him, and he launches the ball at the ground in the direction of the old man. Aren’t receivers supposed to be aware of their surroundings?

This is reminiscent of last year when Michael Boley scored a touchdown and then threw the ball at a cameraman’s face. The only difference is the cameraman wasn’t an old man, and I think we can all agree that makes it much, much worse.

The old man in the video below received a free football for his efforts. That’s the equivalent of sucker punching someone and then handing them a beer and acting like it’s all good.



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