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Daily Rocket: Jay Cutler’s Wife Kristin Cavallari

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March 25, 2013


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Daily Rocket: Jay Cutler’s Wife Kristin Cavallari

If you are under the age of 20, you’ve probably never heard of Kristin Cavallari. If you are between the ages of 24-30, you probably spent too much of your youth paying attention to her.

Cavallari gained fame as a member of the “Laguna Beach” cast, and a few years later, she was a regular cast member on “The Hills.” These shows were unbelievably popular in their time, and they are completely forgotten today. That’s the weird thing about Reality Television, people fall as quick as they rise. Since the cast members aren’t legit actors, they become obsolete once their show comes to a close. It’s kind of weird.

In the case of Kristin Cavallari, she’s managed to turn moderate Reality Television fame into a pretty cool life. Cavallari is now married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, and she’s gotten heavily involved in the world of fashion. Now that Kristin Cavallari is all grown up with a kid, it’s easy to forget she was the snarky, sarcastic cast member terrorizing the mean streets of the O.C.

I have to admit, some of these former reality stars really made some solid choices. Instead of grinding away in the rat race like the rest of us, Cavallari is living the high life while married to an NFL quarterback. You know who else spends their time reviewing bank statements and laughing? Every member of the “Jersey Shore.” Some of these Reality stars may be tools, but they got paid while the rest of us talked about them around a water cooler. Who’s laughing now?

Here’s a few pictures that reveal why Kristin Cavallari was so popular during her Reality Television days…



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