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The Daily Rocket: Carrie Underwood Photo Gallery

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January 31, 2012


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The Daily Rocket: Carrie Underwood Photo Gallery

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood are somewhat of a curious couple.

Fisher is a humble guy from the relatively small town of Peterborough Ontario, and Carrie Underwood is a former American Idol contestant that has morphed into a country music superstar. When you consider the fact that they met while Fisher was playing hockey in Ottawa, it’s all the more amazing that this relationship worked out.

Even though Fisher and Underwood come from very different backgrounds, everything has come full circle for the two of them. Fisher was traded to Nashville Tennessee, and that couldn’t have worked out any better. Underwood gets to live in the epicentre of country music, and Fisher is playing for a quality organization that’s always competitive.

History is littered with celebrity relationships that don’t work out, however these two seem to have it figured out. Fisher doesnt’ seem like the kind of guy who would pull a Tiger Woods, and Underwood doesn’t seem like a person that puts fame ahead of family. Granted, I don’t know either of them at all, but they seem to have a pretty good thing.



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