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Could Tim Tebow End Up Playing In The CFL?

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December 6, 2012


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Could Tim Tebow End Up Playing In The CFL?

Even though Mark Sanchez is struggling mightily in Gotham this year, Tim Tebow isn’t getting a chance to play quarterback for the New York Jets. That has people wondering what his future holds.

When you look around the NFL, Tebow really doesn’t have any suitors. As far as I can see, the only team that might take a chance on Tebow is the Jacksonville Jaguars, and that’s only because Tebow would sell tickets.

It’s been quite an amazing fall from grace for Tebow when you consider where he was one year ago. When Tebow took over for Kyle Orton in Denver last year, the Broncos had a record of 1-4. Tebow promptly won seven of his first eight starts, and he led the Broncos to the playoffs. Most NFL fans assumed the Broncos would get waxed by the Pittsburgh Steelers when they met in the first round, but Tebow threw for 316 yards and the Broncos won in overtime.

Is Tebow the most accurate thrower? No. Is he a traditional quarterback? Absolutely not. However, he’s proven in college and in the NFL that he can win games, and that’s more than a lot of current quarterbacks can say.

So what happens if Tebow is released by the Jets and no other team is interested in signing him? Terez Owens says the CFL could be in the cards.

Despite carrying an NFL team to a division crown, and winning a playoff game, for one reason or another, NFL teams don’t consider Tim Tebow starting material. Our source from Tebow’s camp tells us the New York Jets backup QB will head north in the near future if he can’t find an NFL team he can start for.”Tim knows it’s going to be a struggle finding a team to land with next year. He certainly doesn’t want to spend another season in the prime of his career sitting on the bench. Tim would 100% consider playing in the CFL for a few years until an NFL team comes calling” Said our source. I checked it out, and it appears the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League would have first crack at Tebow, they own his rights. At this point, Tebow needs to do what he loves, and if it means playing in Canada, he should go for it.

It may seem crazy to some people, but playing in the CFL could be a good career move for Tebow. Warren Moon did it, Doug Flutie did it, and Jeff Garcia did it. In all three of those cases, they were quarterbacks who could scramble and weren’t necessarily known for their arm strength. Tebow certainly fits the bill. Additionally, Tim Tebow is only 25 years old, so if he came north of the border to get some reps and work on his game, he’d still have plenty of time to make it in the NFL.

It’s certainly better than getting buried on the bench by a shitty team in NYC.



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