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Chinese Baserunner Steals 2nd, Gets Tagged Out Returning To 1st (VIDEO)

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March 4, 2013


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Chinese Baserunner Steals 2nd, Gets Tagged Out Returning To 1st (VIDEO)

China’s Fujia Chu stole second base against Cuba at the World Baseball Classic, and then he turned around and jogged back to first…then he got tagged out…then he had to do the walk of shame back to the dugout.

Details from SportsGrid…

In the game’s 2nd inning, China’s Fujia Chu attempted and succeeded in stealing second base after Cuba’s catcher fumbled the glove-to-hand exchange. Except Chu inexplicably turned around upon arrival, slowly jogging back to first. Maybe he thought there was a foul ball, or maybe he was in too deep with a bookie – we don’t really care enough to find out. But no matter why he made an about face, he still traded in his stolen base for a rundown and an out.

Yeah, things didn’t work out so well for China on this night. Cuba ended up beating China 12-0, and the game was mercy-ruled in the seventh inning.

China’s performance in this game is worse than Jamie Kennedy’s comedy. How the hell did he get his own show? He’s not funny.



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