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Bruins Announcer Jack Edwards Is The Biggest Homer In Broadcasting (VIDEO)

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February 13, 2013


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Bruins Announcer Jack Edwards Is The Biggest Homer In Broadcasting (VIDEO)

If you are a Boston Bruins fan, you might use adjectives like passionate and fun to describe Bruins announcer Jack Edwards. However, I’m not a Bruins fan, and I find Jack Edwards insufferable, and frustratingly annoying. Jack Edwards is the biggest homer in professional broadcasting, and it drives me nuts.

When Edwards calls a Milan Lucic fight, or a Brad Marchand goal, he goes over the top crazy. That’s fine. However, Edwards’ intensity and passion comes at the expense of professionalism.

When I’m listening to a game, I just want the facts. I don’t need his biased view towards everything New England. When Edwards talks, he sounds like an awe-struck kid that will be waiting for autographs from his favorite players after the game. He literally sounds madly in love with every player in a Bruins jersey. It’s off-putting because he isn’t objective.

Check out Edwards in his element at the 38 second mark below.

p.s I do realize that most announcers are homers, but this guy takes the cake.



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