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Broncos Coach John Fox Talks Like A Loser

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January 15, 2013


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Broncos Coach John Fox Talks Like A Loser

When the Baltimore Ravens scored a 70-yard touchdown with 31 seconds to go against the Denver Broncos on Saturday, Broncos head coach Jon Fox was stunned. Fox had a decision to make, and he had two choices. Denver could project weakness by taking a knee, or they could try to hit back. Fox elected to take a knee to send the game to overtime. The Broncos lost, and in my opinion Fox looks like a tit.

The way John Fox tells it, the decision to force Peyton manning to take a knee against the Ravens was an easy one.

“You watch a (70)-yard bomb go over your head, there’s a certain amount of shock value,” Fox said. “A little bit like a prize fighter who gets a right cross on the chin at the end of a round, you’re looking to get out of the round.”

That is literally the stupidest analogy I’ve ever heard. In that scenario, a prizefighter would only have seconds to re-group. Conversely, the Denver Broncos had about two hours since the telecast showed 900 replays of the Jacoby Jones touchdown, and then went to an extended commercial break. How much time did the Broncos really need? Denver has one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and 31 seconds on the clock, isn’t it worth a shot?

Apparently John Elway agrees with Fox…

“I thought it was the right thing at that time,” Elway said. “I think with where the team was mentally and the situation we were in, I thought that it was a good move.”

Oh c’mon! Is this guy for real? “Where the team was at mentally?” Seriously? If the Denver Broncos are that mentally weak than they deserved to lose.

The Broncos won 11 straight games heading into their matchup with the Ravens. The Broncos punked the Ravens IN BALTIMORE 34-17 just three weeks ago. So what, the Ravens pull off a late game comeback and suddenly the Broncos lose their confidence and unravel? Pathetic.

“The bottom line is how we learn from this situation. If we get defensive and don’t look at everything we did in this game and try to learn from it, then there is a chance we can experience it again. Hopefully, we’re back in this situation again and we will have looked at it the right way and learned from the situation,” Elway said.

You hear the words Elway used there? “There is a chance we can experience it again.” And, “Hopefully we’re back in this situation again.” Elway hit the nail on the head with these comments. You don’t get many chances in the NFL, and the Broncos had a GOLDEN opportunity that they squandered. They may hopefully, potentially, get a chance to make another run, but nothing is guaranteed.

I’ll tell you two things that are guaranteed however, Peyton Manning is about to turn 37, and the dirty stench of this playoff failure will linger over the franchise until they exorcise their demons. But sometimes it takes a while, just ask the Atlanta Falcons.



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