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Don Cherry Disputes Boone Jenner’s Suspension, He’s Insane (VIDEO)

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December 26, 2012


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Don Cherry Disputes Boone Jenner’s Suspension, He’s Insane (VIDEO)

Boone Jenner has received a three game suspension for a brutal hit on Swedish defencemen Jesper Pettersson. The incident occurred in a pre-tournament game between Canada and Sweden. Pettersson circled around the net in his defensive zone and made a breakout pass, he admired his pass, and then Boone Jenner ruined him. Pettersson suffered a dislocated shoulder and broken wrist on the play.

“It was Jenner’s intention to deliver the forceful check in spite of having the opportunity to at least make an attempt to avoid contact on Pettersson,” the IIHF wrote on its website.

Jenner didn’t think the hit was suspension worthy, but he’s accepting the three game ban without complaint.

“Obviously it’s really tough,” Jenner said quietly. “I really want to play in this tournament and be out there with my teammates. I don’t want to be in the crowd watching. There’s nothing I can do now. The ruling was made and it was three games. I’m going to sit out the three games, cheer on the team and be ready for the fourth.”

Jenner may be ready to move on, but Canadian hockey “guru” Don Cherry wasn’t impressed with the suspension…

“He makes the pass, sees Jenner coming, and walks right into it after admiring the pass,” Cherry wrote to his Twitter account. “The [Swedish] league he plays in has no hitting, which is coming to our hockey eventually. So you don’t prepare.

“And all of a sudden you have a guy like Jenner who decides to hit and you are not expecting it or prepared for it and bingo you’re hurt.

“That’s the problem with no hit hockey. It takes only one guy. It’s tough to tell people who believe in no hit hockey and I agree if you can go through your hockey life with no hitting and everyone would co-operate I can see it, but every once in a while a guy like Jenner, a hitter, comes along. When you have the puck you should be prepared to get hit and be aware of what’s happening on the ice.”

This quote proves Don Cherry has completely lost touch with the current state of hockey. Why does Cherry assume that Pettersson comes from a league where there is no hitting? Just because he’s Swedish? It’s not 1965 anymore. Boone Jenner’s hit on Jesper Pettersson was WAY too late. There isn’t a league in the world that would allow this type of hit.

Don Cherry is famous for his pro-Canada approach to analysis, and for ripping Europeans for being soft. However, hockey has changed in the last 30 years. Peter Forsberg was extremely physical, Niklas Backstrom lays people out all the time. Aside from the Sedin twins, Swedish players really aren’t soft at all.

Last time I checked, North American players are diving just as much as international players. Jarret Stoll flopped his way through the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals, Ryan Kesler dives like crazy, Mike Rebeiro can’t fight through a check, and how about Canada’s Golden Boy? That’s right, our very own hockey Jesus Sidney Crosby is known to flop every now and then. Why isn’t Cherry talking about that?

It’s time to permanently kill the out-dated stigma that Canadians are tougher than international players. If you’ve ever watched Joe Thornton play you know it’s no longer true.



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