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Blackhawks Fan Hit By Puck, Face Is Mangled (VIDEO)

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June 14, 2013


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Blackhawks Fan Hit By Puck, Face Is Mangled (VIDEO)

Game one of the Stanley Cup Finals provided good and bad news for Caitlin Higgins. The good news is that at the exact moment she bent over to cough into her Blackhawks jersey, a puck narrowly missed her head. The bad news is the puck hit her mom Patricia Higgins in the face.

That’s right, Dr. Patricia Higgins was hit in the face by a puck during game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Here are the gory details courtesy of the Chicago Sun Times

The puck opened a 1½-inch bone-deep gash extending from the bridge of her nose through her right eyebrow. It required “a ton of internal and external stiches” from a plastic surgeon but did not cause any internal damage, Caitlin Higgins said. She’ll have a nice shiner for a while,” Caitlin Higgins said. “I just keep thinking ‘If only I’d raised my hands, I could have deflected the puck,’ or if my brother had been at the game and not me, he’s tall, the puck would have bounced off his chest and left a bruise.”

A nice shiner? That’s an understatement. This woman paid hundreds of dollars to have her face blown up by a hockey puck. At least the Blackhawks won the game!

Blackhawks fan Patricia Higgins hit by puck



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