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Bikini Golf Debuts

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July 26, 2014


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Bikini Golf Debuts

Bikini Golf Debuts; continuing to break down the socio-equivalent barriers their ancestors – the Lingerie Football League – primped, plucked,  and waxed so hard to establish.   All the while the rest of us bask in the apathetic warmth of yet another milestone reached along the journey to attain our god given human right to Social Regression.  I feel a bit ashamed, even pandering to their cause, by posting and modestly extending their reach.  As absurd as the introductory sentence was meant to read I’d say it’s pretty obvious, no one truly cares about this week’s sideshow.  It doesn’t  indignify women as a whole, just those who took part.

I’m all for equality – amongst the sexes and for all humans as a race – but I can also extend my apparently obtusely, while not so narrow, minded views in grasping two seemingly shocking revelations about the human race. First, we’re prodominantly full of crap. But as full of crap as we may be, the only reason there is so much room within us for perhaps the most off-putting substance known to man is because we’re stupid. I’m content to sit here and write about these dopes, rather than read a book…of course, feeding the machine.  I get that the target audience for this train wreck isn’t the one or two basement dwelling secret spell casting wannabe hobbits who believe they can pay for their unseemly World of Warcraft desensitized fantasies with bitcoins.  The point was to drum up a charade, to stir up controversy, and to give the blogging jackasses of the world something to gripe about.  So, for that, thank you.

Secondly, sure some women will be disgusted by the choices and actions of these golfers.  Probably rightfully so.  But for me, I’d probably be a bit more cheesed if I knew their names or even felt like I had even a tiny bit of social responsibility to help right the wrongs of three, surprisingly wobbly, millionaires.  But then again, to the second revelation, it was in fact all about the money. It’s always about the money.  Doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, we all see the world in shades of green.

So, here we are, each playing our part.  Some of us onlookers and some of us opportunists.  Personally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank  Google for my piece of the pie;  the cool 17 cents this blog post will generate.

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