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Baseball Hits Woman In The Head, Boyfriend Ducked Out (VIDEO)

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April 3, 2013


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Baseball Hits Woman In The Head, Boyfriend Ducked Out (VIDEO)

If you are ever in trouble with your girlfriend, show her this video. Why? Because the guy in this video will make you look like a role model.

In the video below, Pete Kozma hits in a homerun into left-centre field. As the ball clears the fence, a man jumps out of the way to avoid being hit by the ball…and it hits his girlfriend instead. It’s one of the most gutless things you will ever see.

How could this guy possibly explain his actions? I’m guessing he wasn’t paying attention and once he saw the ball he panicked. However, that would mean his first reaction is to duck out of the way while leaving his girlfriend in a vulnerable position. If you are a girl, would you want to date a guy with this type of character? Probably not. If he jumps away from a baseball, how would he handle being mugged? My guess is he’d probably serve up his girlfriend on a platter while he ran away. Not cool.

You know how girls always say chivalry is dead? It’s because of men like this guy. The worst part of all is that this lady doesn’t seem overly upset. Her self esteem is so low that she can take a baseball to the face and not miss a beat.

Someone has daddy issues…

If this looks familiar, it’s because this has happened before. Daniel Tosh tackled this one…



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