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Barry Bonds Is Looking Pretty Skinny These Days (PIC)

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November 5, 2012


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Barry Bonds Is Looking Pretty Skinny These Days (PIC)

Barry Bonds showed up to Spike’s tribute to Eddie Murphy on the weekend, and he’s looking insanely skinny these days.

Actually, it’s not really fair to say he looks insanely skinny. No, he just looks skinny compared to 2000-2005 when his head was bigger than my chest, and his neck was wider than my waist.

Back in 2003, I could have legitimately attached Bonds’ arms to my legs and I would’ve been better off.

Aside from Bonds, a ton of other celebs showed up to pay tribute to Eddie Murphy. Tracy Morgan spoke about the impact that Eddie Murphy had on his career.

“Before Eddie, young men like me had to choose between being sexy and being funny. But when Eddie came out in his fine-a** leather suit in Delirious, that’s when I realised, ‘Eddie! I can be sexy and funny at the same time!’ I don’t have to choose anymore.”

Those bright red leather pants were pretty sexy. Adam Sandler also had some nice words to say about Murphy.

“I’m here to talk about one of the most legendary comedy specials of all time, Eddie Murphy’s Delirious. As I watched, I said to my father, ‘I want to be that guy when I grow up.’ My father said, ‘You can’t, you’re not black.’ My mother said to my father, ‘As far as you know.'”

Adam Sandler movies aren’t good anymore. Sorry, I just had to add that.



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