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Athletics Yeonis Cespedes T-Shirt Giveaway Spoiled by Trade

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August 1, 2014


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Athletics Yeonis Cespedes T-Shirt Giveaway Spoiled by Trade

There’s one thing you can definitely say about MLB trade deadline this year and that’s there has been no shortage of big name players moved around.  Whether it’s David Price to the Tigers, or John Lester to the , of John Lackey to the Athletics, or Jake Peavy to the Giants, or Yeonis Cespedes to the Red Sox.  Luckily we’re in the small few day span where every team, that made a move, feels as though they made  moves to improve their clubs.  It’s when everyone thinks they’re a winner because no one has crapped out just yet.

Well, as excited as the Athletic’s must be about acquiring John Lackey (and Johnny Gomes) there are at least a few cash minded office geeks a little perturbed about saying good-bye to Yeonis Cespedes.  The big trade came just days before a scheduled 10,000 fan Yeonis Cespedes t-shirt give-away.  For the cash strapped Athletics, who made this move with obvious financial implications swirling around in their noggins, a wasted t-shirt give-away is a big deal…it could mean cutting hot dogs from the ball park menu, or even refusing to play games at night because of the electricity costs of running the lights.

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