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Arianny Celeste Plays Simpsons Strip Trivia

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August 8, 2014


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Arianny Celeste Plays Simpsons Strip Trivia

So what constitutes being a UFC Ring Girl these days?  Well, certainly not prancing around a ring…that’d be absurd.  Instead, let’s play strip cartoon shows!  Confused how it’s supposed to work?  Me too.  Shoot, I don’t even like that Simpsons that much.  But you know there’s some goofy bastard who knows Millhouse’s second half cousins’ middle initial as it was briefly glossed over in an episode having nothing to do with Millhouse or middle names and thus figures this is his one big chance at seeing Arianny Celeste‘s cans without indemnifying himself of dropping his pants in front of a computer screen with a clothed girl looking back at him.  Cause that would be pathetic…

But let’s face facts, whether you’re more of a Britney Palmer or Arianny fan these are still big, fake juggs damn it!  They deserve to be oggled, kanoodled, and drooled over so some ex-boyfriend who thought by buying his teenage sweetheart a pair of headlights he’d ride those coat tails through Silver City and into the easy life only to be dropped at the first sign of an agent willing to barter a bit role in some soft skin flick for a few moments of questionable morals and low self-esteem can feel as though he got his money’s worth.  Those were six grand damn it!…A piece!

Now, that teenage dreamboat is hocking a job sweeping floors in some warehouse dreaming of having that six grand back if only to have one last ride on those fun bags while we sit here and reap the benefits…but I use the term benefits loosely as if this turns into a cheesy conquest for trivia players to attempt to be bag a middle aged, nosey, naggy, housewife Marge I’m hitting stop no matter the Arianny bazonga factor.  Don’t worry, it’s SFW.


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