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Andrew Bynum Injured? He’s Flamenco Dancing In Spain (VIDEO)

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May 2, 2013


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Andrew Bynum Injured? He’s Flamenco Dancing In Spain (VIDEO)

You know how the Philadelphia 76ers mortgaged their future to acquire Andrew Bynum in the off-season of 2012? Yeah…it didn’t work out so well. Not only did Bynum sit out the entire season without ever playing a single minute, but he also spent most of his time in the “City of Brotherly Love” being a distraction.

Apparently, the off-season will be no different.

In the video below, Andrew Bynum performs a dainty and nimble Flamenco dance in Spain. Bynum is on vacation, and he seems to be enjoying himself. However, you want to know who isn’t enjoying this? The 76ers. They paid Bynum close to 17 million dollars to do nothing. That isn’t a joke, he literally didn’t do a single thing. He never played, and he didn’t contribute in any meaningful way.

Isn’t it odd that he’s suddenly fleet of foot and prancing around like Vince Carter at a Nelly concert? Most 76ers fans are not going to be happy with this.

Wanna know the worst part of all? Andrew Bynum is a free agent this summer, and he’s going to get paid in spite of the fact he just robbed Philly of 17 million. Talented seven footers are tough to find, and someone is going to overpay. In fact, Philly might be the team to do it.

Can you think of any other profession where someone would get paid 17 million to do nothing…and then other employers beg to acquire their services? It’s absolutely crazy. The only thing more ridiculous is this video of Bynum doing the Flamenco dance…



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