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50 Cent Throws Out Worst Ceremonial First Pitch in Baseball History

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June 2, 2014


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50 Cent Throws Out Worst Ceremonial First Pitch in Baseball History

Over the weekend the New York Mets introduced Rapper 50 Cent as their guest for the game’s ceremonial first pitch.  But what followed was so far from resembling anything even remotely close to a pitch that even the announcers were a bit dumb founded with what to say to the live audience.  As though the below video isn’t bad enough, it seems the fun at 50 Cent’s expense has continued…

…even with Fiddy’s attempt to blame the poor pitch on slipping off the pitching rubber, the New York City Police decided to grind his gears one more time. Fiddy claims that he was driving along, abiding by the law, when he was pulled over by an NYC cruiser. When the officer approached the vehicle, Fiddy reports, instead of asking for identification or explaining the reason behind the traffic stop the officer simply made fun of 50 Cent’s awful pitch, laughed, then told him to get on out of here. No ticket, no violation, just one last laugh in the face.

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